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The Body Positive: 12 Decades of The Ideal Female Body

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This week has been The Body Positive week at Blisstree, and we've been exploring an oft-ignored aspect of health and wellness: Body image. While we've done our best to get you thinking outside of the box when it comes to beauty standards and physical judgement, we know as well as you do that it's easier said than done. Just when we're feeling good about ourselves, it seems there's another Hot Young Actress or Svelte Supermodel ready to knock down our self-esteem. But we'd like to make a closing argument when it comes to judging your body against current trends and ideals: Like everything else, this too shall pass. And a look at the past 12 decades of the ideal female body prove it.

Whether it's curvy, thin, athletic or boyish, physical ideals change as quickly as any other trend. And if there's anything we've learned as we've gotten older, it's that trying to fit into clothes that don't fit just because they're ‘in' is a waste of our time and money. Likewise, trying to transform your body to the ideals presented on a magazine not only doesn't make sense, but it wastes a lot of our time, money, energy and brainpower. All of which could be better spent on other things, like really trying to be healthy and happy.

Take a look at the most iconic bodies of the past century. Admire them, respect them, and then move on with your life and be happy with what you have: