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The Beginning

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I re-discovered scrapbooking in late 2003 when all my friends overseas were going gaga over it. I didn’t know what “acid-free” papers meant. I couldn’t tell the difference between an eyelet, a brad, a washer, the difference between a layout, a cardstock and a patterned paper and the like. I was totally clueless.

As I embarked on this hobby, a couple of kind souls guided me by the hand. First I had to set myself up with a work area. As you can see on the left-hand side of the photo above, I had a lowly table and as my stash grew and I bought more and more tools and papers, I had to give up the table for a bigger one!

A year and a half later, what started as a craft corner in the family room has now become my CRAFT ROOM. I have asked permission from my ever-supportive hubby if I could have the room to myself! So off went the books that weren’t mine from the book shelf, bought a 2-seater couch for my friends and ta-da, my very own craft room! Yay!

The paper shelves that you can see on the middle photo were built by my own handyman and slave (read: husband) to fit my 12in x 12in papers. The shelves attached to the wall were installed by hubby as well.

It is still a family room because the three of us (my husband, daughter and I) spend most of our free time together (in the evenings) in that room. Hubs is on the computer (if I’m not using it of course) browsing for the latest motorbike finds in ebay or trademe while our daughter, Bea is playing on the xbox. What about me, you ask? I’m in my craft corner of course making a card or two or simply browsing through my scrapbook magazines or thinking about future layouts I want to do.

It’s a good way to bond with my family after a hard day’s work in the office and in school.

Next up, an introduction of the basic products a scrapbook beginner needs.