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10 Thanksgiving Snacks For Kids

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When I was in Elementary School, we'd have little Thanksgiving parties. We'd dress up in problematic Pilgrim and Native American costumes made from paper bags and eat snack medleys out of plastic gloves. Looking back, that plastic glove snack feels pretty insulting. Thank goodness the internet is here to make festive snacks for kids more adorable, and sometimes easier than ever before. We rounded up 10 Thanksgiving snack ideas for kids that make month old candy corn out in a dentist's glove look like, uhh, month old candy corn in a dentist's glove.

Get read for lots of snacks and mini meals shaped like turkeys:

1) This Gobble Me Up treat from Spoonful is an adorable and healthful way to get children into the spirit of the season. It's comprised mostly of fruits, nuts, and a little bit of peanut butter, so it's a pretty good energy boosting treat for grown-ups too. Directions here.


2) The Turkey Turkey Burger could very well be be the cutest turkey burger ever devised. This turkey shaped meal might help you get your kids to eat some protein, if you shrink the patty size, you can make mini turkey burger snacks. Directions here.

turkeyburger3) It's very likely that I will be eating Tommy the Turkey later. He's simple enough to make and you can use whatever sandwich you want in the middle. His little legs are made of carrots! Directions here.

6219908484_31fd1d4d51_z4) Another tasty turkey shaped deal, only this time it uses a quesadilla. Directions here.


5) I haven't been in elementary school in a long time, but I can imagine these Crudites in Turkey Cups would be well received by children and their parents alike depending on the veggies and dip you choose. Directions here.


6) This mini cornucopia made of a waffle, candy corn and fruit is an adorable treat. Personally, I'd replace the candy corn with chocolate chips or nuts. Directions here.


A-Cornucopia-Kids-Thanksgiving-Snack-with-Eggo-at-B-Inspired-Mama7) It's an adorable cooked turkey that's made out of a paper bag and FILLED WITH POPCORN. I don't love to throw this word around, but this snack is straight up whimsical. If you air pop the popcorn, it's also prettay prettay healthy. Directions here.

popcorn-turkey-e12886542366018) We included these clementine pumpkins in our Healthy Halloween Treats roundup, but they also apply to Thanksgiving. They are healthy, seasonal and a little campy.



9) Okay, so this one isn't so healthy, but it's a holiday treat! These Pilgrim hat cookies are too cute with their little buckles. Directions here.

Thanksgiving-Pilgrims-Hat-Cookies-2 10) This party snack will work for kids of all ages, including the old ones you hang out with when kids are at play. Everyone loves a hollowed out gourd as a dip bowl, right? Plus you can use the pumpkin guts on one of the innumerable ways to eat pumpkin this season. Directions here.


Be sure to let us know if you have any fun and fool proof holidays snacks for kids!

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