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Thanksgiving Gallery: 10 Thoroughly Revolting Desserts You Don’t Want To Eat Next Thursday

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In keeping with Thanksgiving tradition, most of us eat the same meal with the same people, year after year. And while we’re all for mixing it up every now and then (cornbread replaces rolls!), most tried-and-tested holiday rituals should convince all you experimenters out there that some things about turkey day are simply not to be messed with. Take dessert, for example. Few people can improve on pumpkin pie, so why try? But not everyone got that memo, and we’ve got ten thoroughly revolting Thanksgiving dessert ideas to prove it. Check out our nauseating gallery, and take comfort in the fact that even if your double-crust apple-bourbon pie isn’t half as good as your mom’s, at least it’s not avocado JELL-O in the shape of a turkey. (Why is JELL-O responsible for so much of the world’s misery, anyway?)