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Thanksgiving Gallery: 10 Surprising Recipes for Leftovers That Top Cold Turkey

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Next Friday, November 26, Thanksgiving will be but a memory. Along with the emotional scars, food comas, and tight-fitting pants, you'll be left with a ton of leftover bird. But that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to meals of cold turkey sandwiches and turkey pot pies for the next two weeks. (Not that there's anything wrong with them.) To keep things a little more interesting after turkey day, we found ten surprising and inventive recipes to spice up your leftover meals — before it's time to gain yet another ten pounds at Christmas.

1. Turkey Sloppy Joe, The Family Kitchen

2. Turkey Cups, The Novice Chef Blog

3. Thai Noodle Salad With Turkey and Shrimp, Coconut & Lime

4. Cassoulet With White Beans, Sausage, and Turkey, Healthy-Delicious

5. Smokey Hot Turkey Chipotle Macaroni and Cheese, The Barefoot Kitchen Witch

6. Turkey Reuben Melt, Savory-Bites

7. Turkey Lasagna, Acquired Taste

8. Turkey Eggs Benedict, Not So Humble Pie

9. Rosemary Turkey Squares, Taste and Tell

10. Turkey Banh Mi, Martha Stewart