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10 Traditional Thanksgiving Foods Ranked By How Out Of Place They Are On Other Holidays

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B1-JULIA_WE_B_^_WEDIQMany of the foods that you eat on Thanksgiving are so seasonal, so festive, so specifically Thanksgiving-y that to eat them on another Holiday would feel like cheating. When consumed during the wrong celebration, a dish that tastes so much like love on the last Thursday of November might be the culinary equivalent of wearing a Christmas sweater on the Fourth of July. Anachronistic. Inappropriate. Confusing.

You should definitely eat and serve whatever it is you want any day of the year (within reason) and I'm not your dad trying to tell you what to do, but keep in mind that latkes taste best on Chanukah, birthday cake tastes best on birthdays. There's a time and a place for all treats, sometimes that time is very limited.

Here are 10 traditional Thanksgiving foods ranked by how out of place they are on other Holidays, starting with the most versatile…

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