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Thanksgiving Craft Round-up For Kids

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Either your kids are already off for Thanksgiving break or they will be tomorrow. What will they do with all that time? Thinking you'll go insane as you wait for Thanksgiving with all the prepping and turkey dressing you'll have to do, this shouldn't be a problem with the list below. Hope it helps.

IMG: Sxc.hu

IMG: Sxc.hu

I have one craft, which is my Turkey handprints that grow. I do this every year with the kids and then we look at them the following year and see how much they have grown. It really is a neat thing to see.

Turkey Handprint:
Construction paper
scissors (if too young mom/dad should do the cutting)

Take your child and trace their hand on the paper. Cut out the hand and decorate it in order to make a turkey. We like adding googley eyes for the turkey and drawing (coloring) in the red flappy thing.

Here are some other arts and crafts:

A free Thanksgiving e-book that has over 30 arts and crafts to do for Thanksgiving, this should definitely keep the kids busy for at least a half hour.

Over at No Time for Flashcards (title cracks me up) there is a page full of craft ideas, I really love the Native American headdres and corn.

Davinie actually found a recipe for Pumpkin pie playdough mix, she also has a list of other Thanksgiving crafts your kids will enjoy.

Lyons Happening has her two boys showing us the Thanksgiving crafts they made, one of which is a story box about the indians and pilgrims. My kids will love drawing on a box with their version of what happened, I can't wait to try this out. They also show off their Thanksgiving Turkeys.

Katelyn over at GadaMedia wrote an article on making a Leaf headband for Thanksgiving. I think the kids would have a ton of fun with this. Course knowing mine they'd want to go outside and get real leaves.