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Thanksgiving Baby Bibs

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This may be your baby’s first Thanksgiving or maybe they’ve already had one before and chances are you don’t want a mess on that cute little outfit you picked out just for Thanksgiving. Am I right?

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IMG: Walmart

This is the one holiday you know everyone is going to try giving her/him stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, pie, etc so you might as well prepare for the mess. Start them off in a cute outfit, but top it off with an adorable Thanksgiving bib.

The Personalized Thanksgiving Bib you can find at Walmart. This one has a soft, velvet touch that won’t iritate baby and everyone will love thumbing at. You can have your child’s name put on it and right below that will be a very colorful Turkey that reads, “Happy Thanksgiving.”  $11.94

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IMG: Amazon

Amazon has a ton of Thanksgiving baby bibs for you to choose from. Some of my favorites are: Luvable Friends drooler bib because these are your basic bibs with cute thanksgiving pictures on them, Gobble Gobble, and of course the reversible bibs. Each run around $10.

At the mall you can always get personalized bibs, for $12.95 you can get a printed Thanksgiving picture with your child’s name above it, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget the talented ladies and gentleman at CafePress and Etsy, there is always something homemade being created that you would love to show off on your baby. Happy Thanksgiving and may it be a little less of a mess.