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Ten weirdest green ideas ever!

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Time Magazine recently posted a piece – Top 10 Odd Environmental Ideas – and it's pretty cool. Some of the ideas I've heard of, a couple I didn't think were that nutty, but overall a good list that will make you wonder if some green folks have too much time on their hands.

crazy green ideas

Among the ideas…

Reusable Toilet Wipes – I do think this is plenty nuts, not because it's out there but because I'm pretty sure I'd be nuts after having to wash an entire household's bin of dirty wipes. 5 people in my house – you do the math. Also, I'm having a hard enough time getting my boyfriend to use a flipping reusable grocery bag. Trust me, this would not go over well. For now, I'll be sticking with recycled content toilet paper.

Pig Urine Plates – You're gonna have to read this one yourself.

Doin' the Electric Slide – A dance club that harnesses the energy on the dance floor! Too cool, and while to me this is just smart thinking, it still is a little odd to some I suppose.

The Greenest Convention Ever? – This one WAS odd, especially the part where a billboard was placed saying that people should, “Save water by wearing their underwear for four days in a row: forwards one day, backwards the next, then inside out for two more.” Hahahahahah. Excuse me, it's stuff like this that give eco-folks labels like damn hippie – I'm not on board.

Bra Power – Let me just say that I DO NOT want a bra with little wires in it that produces electricity – NOT there. Geez. I'm guessing a man made this one up, because it's not like someone suggested placing little electrical wires near the male's most favorite part of the anatomy. You know where.

To see all the ideas above and five more visit Top 10 Odd Environmental Ideas.

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