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Ten Inexpensive DIY Kids Furniture Projects

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Kids furniture can cost a pretty penny. Less expensive options include thrift store or garage sale furniture you can fix up. This is a great choice because it’s also eco-friendly. Your second option is to make furniture with other objects, not simply fix up a piece. The problem is that often parents get a decent piece of kids furniture and then have no idea where to start when it comes to creating a cool piece of furniture that a kid will love.

Following are some great ideas for DIY kids furniture that’s also totally low-cost.

Ten Inexpensive DIY Kids Furniture Projects best play kitchen ever 282x300 gif

  1. DIY Inexpensive Kiddie Table & Chairs!- I LOVE this set, it’s one of my fave DIY kids projects.
  2. DIY Kid’s Chalkboard Table – so much fun, and great for indoor and outdoor play.
  3. HOW TO: Eco-Refinish Children’s Wooden Furniture – grab any old dresser or bookcase and make it look amazing with a few easy steps.
  4. Eco-friendly & affordable DIY play kitchen – many amazing ideas; trust me you will LOVE them all.
  5. DIY kids cardboard furniture – really cool.
  6. Perfect kids storage container with lots of extras.
  7. Make a cool train table – for train and rail obsessed kids.
  8. How to Build an Easel – a little tricky but doable.
  9. Easy homemade bean bags – great for lounging around.
  10. Build a deluxe playhouse – this last one is a little more in depth, and not so much furniture, but fun and really if you have tools and minimal skills you can do it. It’s also cheaper than they say (200-500) if you can locate free or salvaged wood (check Craigslist).

For more inspiration see 10 Fab DIY Playspaces.