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Doctor’s Office Or Phone Booth? HealthSpot Offers Tiny Telemedicine Stations In Stores

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The future is now! A company called HealthSpot is setting up small, walk-in telemedicine kiosks in non-traditional settings like grocery stores and corporate offices.

At the kiosks, patients can access “high-definition videoconferencing and telehealth tools” that allow them to “visit” the doctor remotely. Each kiosk will contain stethoscopes and other common tools for measuring vital signs, which the doctor will guide patients in using. According to Springwise:

An attendant is always on hand to help check the patient in and offer help when necessary, and a combination of automatic and manual cleaning procedures keep sanitization levels even higher than those of a traditional doctor’s office, the company says.

Patients will pay between $60 and $80 per visit; drop-ins are welcome, but online appointment-scheduling will also be available.

Healthspot unveiled the kiosks at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month and is pilot-testing them in Ohio (where the company is based) at urgent care facilities and a children's hospital. But the company envisions kiosks in much more varied spots: grocery stores, rural areas, college campuses, corporate campuses, prisons, military bases and even in developing nations. Brilliant, right?

Here's the HealthSpot “manifesto”:

Photo via Springwise