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Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Best Tech Gifts For Gadget-Obsessed Health Geeks

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Tech gifts can be hard to shop for if you don't happen to be a gadget-obsessed. But people who do love to geek out over fitness trackers and iPhone accessories will love it if you nab them some cool new technology. And with so many health-geared gadgets out there, it's surprisingly easy to impress–even if you're not working with a huge budget.

Check out our holiday gift guide for the gadget-obsessed: It's full of Christmas gift ideas that are so useful, you might even find yourself coveting a tech gift or two for yourself:

bobine christmas gift ideas

Une Bobine

Even those of us with massive cookbook collections like to use recipe blogs and cooking apps from time to time. This tripod and iPhone charger in one is the perfect accessory to keep our recipes available, hands-free (without completely sucking the battery life out of our phone before dinner).

tech gifts lumawake sleep gadget


This iphone dock goes above and beyond your standard speaker set: It simulates sunlight to help you wake up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. A tech gift that also gives its user better sleep? You win. The only catch is that it's so new, it won't ship until early 2013.

(h/t Greatist)

tech gifts fitness tracker fitbit

Fitbit, OR…

tech gift fuel band fitness tracker

Nike+ FuelBand

We spent a lot of time reviewing the best fitness trackers on the market this year, and it really came down to a tie between these two. Fitbit measures a lot of metrics and is compact; the FuelBand syncs up with iPhones seamlessly, and is easy to remember to wear. Take your pick; either one is a great Christmas gift idea.

tech gifts touchscreen glove kit

Touchscreen Gloves Kit

Touchscreens can make your favorite gloves your worst enemy, but this needle-and-thread kit can make any pair touchscreen-friendly.

tech gifts nike kinect

Nike+ Kinect Training

If your gadget-obsessed giftee has an X-Box (and they probably do), there's a long lift of great sport and fitness games they'll enjoy. This year's new Nike+ Training program is one of our favorites.

garmin forerunner 410 tech gift

Garmin Forerunner 410

Garmin makes a wide range of GPS running watches; this one is our favorite thanks to its small size (lady geeks will be happy to have something that actually fits their wrist), and huge list of features. Plus, it doesn't just track your heart rate and speed–it will coach you along if you program it with your goals.

tech gifts iphone wrist strap

iPhone Wrist Strap

Using iPhone apps during workouts means handling your phone with sweaty, slippery hands. Jump, slip, and lose your phone, along with all your workout data. These cute wrist straps will keep your giftee's phone from flying, even if they're getting an intense workout with iPhone in hand.