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Teacher Sues After Being ‘Forced’ To Teach Kids (Because She’s Afraid Of Them)

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Teacher Sues After Being  Forced  To Teach Kids  Because She s Afraid Of Them  shutterstock 118731580 jpgSome lawsuits seem to get more ridiculous by the day. Case in point: An Ohio teacher is suing her former school district. Why? Because she claims she was forced to teach younger kids despite being terrified by them.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, 61-year-old Maria Waltherr-Willard has filed a lawsuit against the Ohio-based Mariemont City Schools, claiming that they discriminated against her based on age and her pedophobia–an extreme fear or anxiety around young children. Waltherr-Willard had worked for the school district for 35 years when she was moved from the high school to the middle school to teach.

After being transferred to a junior high school, the French and Spanish teacher reportedly asked if there would be a high school position for her the following year so she could be transferred back. The school district stated that there were no open positions at the high school for her, and so the teacher took this as “discrimination.”

Apparently Waltherr-Willard had been diagnosed with specific phobia and general anxiety disorder, Fox19.com reported, and was afraid to be around the younger kids at the middle school. Not to say that this isn’t a real phobia, because according to some experts, this is a rare, but recognized disorder:

“Like any phobia, it’s a situation in which one responds with overwhelming fear and anxiety to the stimulus,” Dr. Caleb Adler, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati, told NBC News.

But is this really a case of discrimination? No. Did anyone really make her to take this job? Of course not.

So to the teacher who is suing, here’s an idea: If you’re afraid of children, don’t teach. Take some personal responsibility, find something else to do and quit blaming the school district for your problems. You are trying to rob money from an already flailing public school system and taking money out of kids’ hands who need it. Despite what your lawsuit claims, no one forced you to take this job and be a teacher.

Tell us if you agree.

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