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Tazo Berryblossom White Tea

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tazo white berryblossom

This is described by Tazo as a “delicate white tea with enticing hints of blueberry and white cranberry.

This is how I describe it….

Imagine sitting on a white wicker chair, on the wide front porch of a Victorian beach house. The white of the sand, and blues of the ocean and sky are spread before you like a huge palette, and the sea birds cry out in the distance. The sound of the wind blowing through the dry coastal grasses, coupled with the crash of the waves as they hit the shore has lulled you away from the book you were reading, and it has dropped, unnoticed, to your side.

You stare off at the horizon dreaming dreams and seeing visions…relaxed, inspired, and content. In the kitchen the smell of an apple pie mingles with the homebaked bread cooling on the counter. Life is good.

I loved it. I really love the delicacy of the flavor..blueberry is the dominant flavor here. I needed to use two tea bags in one of my cups, but it was an 8 oz cup and I like a stronger infusion.

Tazo did an awesome job on this one. I can see it as being an ingredient in blueberry muffins, a base for a tea punch, or iced tea…it is great hot.

The scent is strong and it smells stronger of blueberry than it tastes…the smell is almost like warm blueberry muffins.

Tazo Berry Blossom White Tea deserves a special cup. It is definitely a “time for me” tea. 🙂