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This Taxidermist Who Eats Animals Before Stuffing Them Is The Most Badass Recycler Ever

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taxidermy otter

Most people recycle their cans and bottles after they've consumed the contents. But in a most bizarrely awesome display of conservation, taxidermist Elle Kaye recycles her dinner into art, by eating the meat before stuffing the bodies. And for some reason that I can't understand, some people aren't happy about it.

The 22-year-old, who is a former art student in the UK, makes designs from roadkill or animals that have otherwise died naturally; but not before eating as much of the animal as possible, if it's fresh. She states about her methods, “For me it is a lifestyle choice. Doing what I do ensures I recycle a deceased animal, as a meat eater, there is no logic in wasting perfectly edible meat. It is important to me, because it upholds all of the notions that underpin taxidermy, and it means that I do the animal justice in recycling all of it.”

Elle is basically living out my idea for a morally-conscious meat brand that I conceived during my two years as a vegetarian. No one really wants to murder animals, aside from serial killers and midwesterners I guess, but meat is really good and contains necessary proteins. So what if there was a brand of meat that only used animals that died of natural causes, or at least getting hit by a car, or something? It's meat, now 100% murder-free! I think I could make a killing, without killing.

But some people are giving Elle and my dream a hard time for some strange reason, as apparently rude online commenters have sent her messages telling her to go to hell, and threatening to “cut her up.” The ethically-conscious artist, who also teaches classes, receives support from many others, as she says, “I have had animal rights activists, vegans, vets and animal lovers take my classes and they have all been really complimentary about the steps I take to ensure the most virtuous and human preservation is being carried out. I will never harm an animal for the purpose of my work.”

Nothing on the internet surprises me, but I just don't understand the rationale behind the angry backlash, do you? Someone explain it to me if you do.

(Image: Vitezslav Halamka/Shutterstock)