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Take your calculators – They are your friend

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Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart, the devil store because I spend way too much money there, and splurged on a pregnancy craving (at least I am using it as a good excuse at this point HAHA) – ramen noodles.  I realize, before you give me a hard time about the sodium, they are horrible nutritionally.  But they are wonderful!

So anyway, I went and just hate to have to load up 10 separate boxes.  So I was very happy when I saw them packaged for 6 packs for $1.82 or 30.33 cents a piece.  Then I looked at the individual ones and saw that they were only 28 cents a piece.  So I bought the individual ones but saved my money because I had my phone calculator handy and knew the unit price.

So remember, my savings wasn't that much but sometimes, it is a huge difference.  Bulk isn't always better.  So be careful out there and USE THOSE CALCULATORS!