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Take A Wild Guess What Age You’ll Be Happiest Naked Is (I Was Wrong About Mine!)

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At the age of 23, I constantly wonder if I'll ever look as good as I did at 21. At the age of 21, I wondered that about myself at 17. I think it's incredibly difficult to ever determine how you really feel about your figure without a bit of perspective. According to national averages, that will be over a decade for me.

A new study by skin and body care firm Sanctuary Spa reveals only 40 percent of women in the United Kingdom look at themselves naked every day (I don't know if this shocks anybody else, but regardless of how I'm feeling about myself, I tend to see myself naked at least once). But the age at which they're happiest with their own bodies? 34!

Nichola Joss, a beautician quoted by The Telegraph, had this to say:

“I have female clients of all ages and those in their early to mid-thirties typically have great body confidence.

“They work hard to maintain the best body shape possible, are educated about eating well and treating their body with respect.

“This brings them satisfaction.

“Crucially, at 34 maturity levels are high.

“Many 34 year olds I know have experienced either a loving relationship or close personal friendship and these bring confidence, both inside and out.”

More cool news? Despite pressure in the media and elsewhere for women to feel ashamed of our breasts, 30 percent are proud of our boobs, while 22 perfect are down with their legs and 19 percent with their shoulders. The less cool news? 65 percent of women surveyed said they “dread” bikini shots being on Facebook — and that influences their bathing suit choice.

While I totally acknowledge the desire to avoid personal shots on Facebook whatsoever or just don't particularly dig most photos of themselves, it sucks that women feel actual fear over other people seeing them in a bathing suit. It's enough to make me wanna toss my laptop out the window every time I see a “(CELEBRITY NAME) SHOWS OFF (CREEPY ADJECTIVE) BIKINI BODY [PICZZZ]” headline.

Of course, this is all subjective — who knows, maybe I'll be comfortable with my figure next year or not until I'm much older? But it is nice to try and work towards that level of ease with oneself, if you haven't already attained it (if you have, congrats!). Hopefully, by the time I'm 34, advertising and film and television and fashion will have finally diversified so the upcoming generations won't have the same body complexes. Or we'll all have turned into robots who don't judge ourselves. Either way.

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