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Taco Bell Unleashes The Unholy Union Of A Burrito And A Quesadilla Nationwide

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Taco Bell must be staffed by mad scientists who think Doritos make everything better, and melted cheese should be applied to everything. (They're not necessarily wrong on that second part.) Whenever the chain announces a new product roll-out, it's greeted with nervous apprehension. Will the new menu item be the best thing in the world, or a sign of humanity's impending doom? Today they've announced their new creation: the quesarito. It is a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla, and only time will tell if this snack will use its powers for good or for evil.

The quesarito is a burrito made with rice, seasoned meat, chipotle sauce, and reduced-fat sour cream, then wrapped in a “grilled quesadilla loaded with melted cheeses.” Really, it differs only from a burrito with cheese in that it comes with a bonus tortilla and the cheese is on the outside.

My favorite part about this is that they used reduced-fat sour cream, because clearly this dish is designed for people who are concerned about their caloric intake.

Previously the quesarito was a semi-legendary off-menu item that could only be acquired if you knew to ask for it and met a friendly server at your local Taco Bell outpost. But as of Monday, they'll be available nationwide. Stoners everywhere will surely rejoice.

According to the LA Times, “The suggested retail price for the quesarito is $1.99 for seasoned beef (650 calories; 34 grams total fat), $2.79 for shredded chicken (620 calories; 30g total fat) and $2.99 for steak (640 calories; 31g total fat).”

There's also a breakfast quesarito made with eggs in place of the seasoned rice.

“We’re constantly hearing stories about two great things coming together to create something extraordinary and that takes on a life of its own,” said Taco Bell's chief marketing officer, Chris Brandt, who was either talking about the quesarito or a terrible, man-eating chimera. Possibly both. But according to Brandt, the quesarito has been the best-performing test product since the chain tested the Doritos Locos Taco. Considering Taco Bell has already sold a billion dollars worth of those, it seems a likely bet that the quesarito will be with us for a while.

(Photo: Twitter/First We Feast)