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Taco Bell Adds Unhealthy Breakfast Drink…That Actually Sounds Good

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Taco Bell is on a roll with adding more unhealthy items to its menu. Earlier this year it was the Doritos Locos Tacos (which many of you thought sounded pretty good…is it?). Now, the fast-food chain has added another unhealthy item–the MTN Dew A.M. that, well, actually sounds kinda good (don't tell anyone I said that).

This new breakfast-only item is a combination of Mountain Dew (of course) and orange juice. Now, admittedly, I've never tried these two beverages together, but I grew up adding ginger ale to my o.j. and always found it pretty awesome. It's like a mimosa minus the alcohol.

Sure, Mountain Dew is horrible for you–a 12 ounce serving has a whopping 47 grams of sugar and 54 mg of caffeine. That's more sugar than a Snicker's bar, although less¬†caffeine than a Starbucks regular coffee.

Nevertheless, there is not much that's healthy about Taco Bell's newest drink, except the orange juice, which we can pretty much guarantee is heavily watered down and lacking much (if any) fresh juice. So, I'm probably supposed to tell you to stick with a plain orange juice or even a plain coffee, but hey, a little virgin cocktail for breakfast won't hurt anyone from time to time, right?

Besides, it could be worse. You could order their XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito with beef which contains 880 calories, 42 grams of fat and 2,050 mg of sodium.

So who's with me? Would you try the new MTN Dew A.M.?


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