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Looking For A Ripped Boyfriend? There’s An App For That

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If your 2016 resolutions are:

A) to get a hunky, hunky boyfriend, and,

B) to get absolutely ripped … Well then, we’ve got something to tell you.


SWEATT is the dating app for the fitness community. Created because Tinder pretty much sucks and staying on top of your fitness is a lifestyle choice, SWEATT is for people who are committed to a fit life, and want to meet others with a similar mindset. Using a unique algorithm, SWEATT creates intelligent matches based on users’ lifestyles and fitness and wellness preferences. For example, it may match CrossFitters with CrossFitters, or runners with runners, or those who prefer early morning workouts with others who enjoy waking up before the sun.


So, how does SWEATT work? SWEATT authenticates users through Facebook, so you know people are legit and real. Then, it asks a few key preliminary questions that ignite the matching algorithm. Upload photos from Facebook, Instagram, or your smartphone, and specify your geographical, age and sexual preferences. Then, start scrolling!


This app is such a great idea, and Ikind of bummed that it wasn’t created until after I found a great boyfriend. I say “kind of” bummed because even though I love the relationship I’m in, it would have been way more fun to go on a bunch of active dates, rather than the frustrating happy hour/drinking sessions I went on with my Tinder matches. I least we would have burned some calories in a non-sexual way! It also would have been helpful to go out with someone who understood why I needed to leave the date by 9pm to make my early workout the next morning. That’s why I encourage every single active person try it. Even if you don’t find “the one,” you just might gain a new workout buddy!

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