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Suzanne Somers Chases Fountain Of Youth–With 80-90 Supplements A Day

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Suzanne Somers is known for her anti-aging regimens and all-natural products and treatments that has kept her looking so youthful, even at the age of 65. Today, the Three's Company actress and ingenious Thigh Master inventor told Good Morning America exactly how she maintains her fountain of youth–although some of her regimens left us pretty skeptical when it comes to what “natural” health really means.

Somers recently made headlines by announcing that she was undergoing an experimental treatment to “regrow” her breasts using stem cells. After battling breast cancer 12 years ago, Somers said a lumpectomy and radiation made her breasts lopsided. But she is proud of the fact that she is pioneering this new treatment:

I was the first woman to legally regrow her breasts using stem cells.

And even though the procedure has yet to be FDA approved and some fear that it could actually regrow cancer cells, not just breast tissue, Somers isn't worried.

This clinical trial that I started, after completion, will make this subject to being FDA approved and paid for by insurance.

Somers then goes on to explain what her daily beauty regimen looks like: daily human growth injections and taking 80-90 supplements a day. It's her way of “naturally” chasing the modern-day fountain of youth.

I take estrogen, progesterone. I just recently added in testosterone because I was finding my libido not quite what's it's been. I, every day, take DHEA. I take pregnenolone, which also stirs up your sex hormones.

She calls it “age management” and even though people continue to speculate that she's had plastic surgery, Somers swears that she hasn't.

I take it as flattery because I look so good.

Indeed, she does look good. But is taking that many supplements and hormones every day really healthy and is it really all-natural as she claims? It seems like aging naturally should entail letting your body go through its natural peaks and valleys while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, not injecting it with all sorts of hormones and swallowing boatloads of pills every day. We certainly applaud her for avoiding plastic surgery and her ongoing quest to maintain her health and youthfulness. But at what expense? Although, judging by the looks of her, maybe she knows more than we do.


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