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U.S. Troops Learn to Survive On Scorpions And Snake Blood

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cobra blood drinking

Via Business Insider: U.S. troops have been undergoing jungle survival training that involves eating insects and drinking cobra blood.

The program, called Cobra Gold, is a multinational training exercise held each February in Thailand. American military members—along with those from 20 or so other nations—learn tips and tactics for staying alive in the jungle, from how to avoid scorpions to how to prepare them for dinner.

The program is led by Thai Marines, who instruct trainees on how to capture, handle and drink the blood of king cobras, among other things that might come in handy should one need nutrients and find a lack of less terrifying alternatives. Check out these badass photos of Cobra Gold 2013, from the program's Facebook page.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jialong Li eats a roasted cockroach
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jialong Li eats a roasted cockroach.

Lance Cpl. Eric M. Bullard learns how to drink the liquid from a native Thai jungle fruit.

Lance Cpl. Katelyn M. Hunter wrangles a cobra. Snake blood can provide nutrients and hydration in the absence of more palatable options.

Thai Officer Veing Pimsorn shows Marines how to skin a coconut with their teeth.

cooked worms
Staff Sgt. Christopher Roundtree tries out a cooked worm.

Master Sgt. 2nd Class Rittichai Soontorn
A Master Sargent with the Royal Thai Army teaches troops how to pluck feathers from a chicken.

U.S. Marine Corps 1st Sgt. Joshua Clayton demonstrates how to eat a live scorpion.