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Surprise, Surprise.

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It seems more and more children are being born out-of-wedlock all over Europe, especially in France, Scandanavia and Germany. According to study results reported in the Christian Science Monitor, the number of children born to unmarried couples varies across Europe according to differing religious and social traditions.

According to the EU statistics office, Eurostat,  56 percent of Swedish births are outside marriage while in Greece the figure is only 4 percent. In France 48 per cent, 42% in Britain and 28% in Germany at 28 percent.

To be honest, I am surprised the figure in Germany is so low. My husband is one of just a handful of fathers who drop off or pick up the his children at Kindergarten and I am one of few wives who insist on help with the housework from other family members. My little boy can wipe up spills and dust like a pro.  I always got the impression that a lot of working German women question whether husbands are make for a better family life, or for just more work.

Certainly, I don’t think any less of unmarried mothers than I do of married mothers, but I can’t help but wonder what prejudices against them still exist.