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SuperNanny – Meet the McAfee Family

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Did you happen to catch Monday nights episode of SuperNanny?

I don't know about you, but my heart ached for this single dad, stuck up in Alaska with four small children.  Perhaps I missed the part where they mentioned mom, but as far as I could see, mom wasn't around.  One wouldn't have to wonder long as to where some of the issues were stemming from?

What Supernanny did for Brian McAfee in this episode was much more then to help find ways of handling the family situations – Jo Frost introduced him to neighbors and friends he might never have met on his own.

The poor guy seemed so painfully shy – I don't think you'd have caught him talking to the cashier at the grocery store – much less making an effort to meet new friends on his own.

Perhaps this show will help build his self esteem and confidence to a level that will spill over into his life with his children.

At this point right now, given what I've seen on this episode, I'm going to say that if mom abandoned those kids and left her ex to deal with them entirely on his own, she doesn't deserve an ounce of respect and I hope she doesn't go off someplace else to create a whole new family with someone else – leaving this one behind.

If I'm wrong and the truth reveals itself, I'd be happy to admit my error.  However, as a mother myself, I can't imagine not being in my children's lives and have very little, if any, respect for any mother that could.