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10 Christmas Cookie Recipes Featuring Superfoods

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Superfoods let us pretend whatever we're eating is ultra healthy. So if we put superfoods into Christmas Cookies, we can pretend they have magical properties and aren't bad for the body at all. Santa Claus, grown-ups and children alike will flip for healthy superfood cookies.

I'm going to try making as many of these recipes as possible, just for the vitamins and stuff:

1) Almond Christmas Cookies via Odense Almonds are good for you, everyone knows that. The almond part cancels out the cookie part, I think. 

2) Chia Cookies via Pea Soup– I'm pretty sure even Gwyneth Paltrow would eat one of these no-bake puppies. Chia seeds are full of Omega 3s, protein and other good stuff.

3) Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough Cups via Feed Me Seymour-So these aren't technically cookies, but they're cookie inspired. Comparatively, they're not that bad for you and are a delicious way to snack. 

4) Avocado Almond Cookies via I'll Make It Myself– Green cookies! How festive?! Avocados continue to be the greatest superfood of all. There's no butter in this recipe and you can substitute tofu for the egg if you'd like to make it vegan. 

5) Mexican Chocolate Spiced Black Bean Cookies via Taste Space– Black bean cookies are a thing now. Get into it. Make these and impress even the most pretentious and finicky eaters. 

6) Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies via How Sweet It Is– Dark chocolate is probably the king of super foods. What's the equivalent of feeling horny but for cookies? That's how I feel about these. 

7) Lemon Pecan Drops via Land O Lakes– Lemons and pecans are both delicious superfoods, so these delicate morsels are mostly doing your body favors. 

8) Ginger Molasses Cookies with Quinoa Flour via our friends at Pop Sugar Fitness– Dairy free, bitches. 

9) Strawberry-Banana Nutella Cookies via Food Family Finds- A superfood strawberry-banana combo is a crowd-pleasing flavor blend, so adding the ever popular Nutella into the mix is just devilish! 

10) Apricot & Green Tea Shortbread Cookies via Spicie Foodie– Cut them into stars or wreaths or Christmas trees to add some Christmasy charm to these superfood cookies.green tea christmas cookie