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Body Positivity On Display Amongst Singers At 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show

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I didn't watch the Super Bowl. While something like 11 million viewers were tuning in to the game (or at least the commercials and halftime show hoopla), I was watching a Pedro Almodovar film (it's due back at the library tomorrow, okay?). But clicking through photos of Madonna, M.I.A., Kelly Clarkson and the other Super Bowl performers this morning, the first thing that struck me was the diversity of body types amongst the Super Bowl singers. One of the things we're big on here at Blisstree is acknowledging that hotness comes in many forms: Curvy, skinny, big-breasted, flat-chested, old, young. I think that spirit was aptly displayed at last night's Super Bowl halftime show and the pre-Super Bowl concerts. The ladies who performed exhibited a diversity of body types (and styles), but all were looking beautiful, sexy and confident.

Photo: Los Angeles Times