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Gross Super Bowl Food: 26 Game Day Snacks That Are So Disgusting, They’re Amazing

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We're all for splurging on Super Bowl Sunday, but between “snack stadiums” (football stadiums made of junk food), and all kinds of misuse of chicken wings, the snack food ideas that people can come up with for game day get get ugly, folks. If you're struggling with how to keep yourself from eating way too much on game day, just take a look at our gross Super Bowl food finds before you watch the game. They'll help suppress your appetite.

Here are the 26 of the grossest super bowl food recipes and ideas we found:

26. Peanut Butter Bacon Football Dip
peanut butter bacon dip

Served with granola thins, to boot.

25. Hoagie Dip

hoagie dip

Hoagie sandwiches seem like a good Super Bowl party food idea to us, but I guess that's not gross enough. Why not turn them into a fattier, less appetizing dip?

24.  Frito Pie in a Bag

frito pie in a bag

We kind of like the lack of pretension in serving chili and fritos right in the bag, but man, does this look like a stomach ache waiting to ruin your Super Bowl.

23. Cheeseburger & Fries Pizza

cheeseburger pizza

We don't know what's grosser, Pizza Hut's version, or this homemade one.

22. Pigskin-Maple Cake

pigskin maple cake

It might taste good, but the name of this cake is making us nauseous.

21. Football Field Cake

football field wedding cake

This kicks off a special segment of our countdown: The “football field made of food” category. Some were constructed expressly for the Super Bowl; others for a wedding–like this Kyle Field cake served at an A&M alumni wedding. This may not seem so bad, but brace yourselves: People have made football fields out of pretty disgusting food.

20. The Edible Stadium

edible football stadium

This is Serious Eats' contribution to the football field made of food genre. The gluttony is gross, but their ingredients are mild compared to upcoming contenders.

19. Snack Food Stadium

football stadium made of twinkies

Holy Taco calls it the “Greatest Snack Food Stadium Ever Built.” They get extra points for using Twinkies, but it's not the grossest we've seen.

18. Incredibly-Detailed Football Stadium Made Of Food

football stadium made of food

This one is impressive, but it seems to use a lot of cardboard and non-edible materials, which makes it definitively less gross than some of the others out there.

17. Rice Krispies Stadium

football stadium rice krispies treats

This stadium doesn't even use super gross junk food (although we'll give it the slim jim goal posts), but the beige-colored ingredients and soupy salsa middle just make it so damn unappetizing.

16. Gut Bomb Stadium

super bowl food stadium

In case you're wondering, this one contains 5 loaves of bread, 2 kinds of tortilla chips, 2 kinds of crackers, 7 avocados (for the guacamole) and pepperoni sticks. A mild gut bomb, but a gut bomb nonetheless.

15. Pilsbury Football Stadium Tray

//pilsbury football stadium food tray

Pigs in a blanket, for the win! But not quite. Nice try, P-boy.

14. Sandwich Stadium

snack stadium sandwiches

The sheer number of bologna sandwiches used to construct this snack stadium makes us shiver.

13. Ultimate Football Snackadium


We're getting close to the grossest, with a bacon lattice and sour cream field lines. Yumugh?

12. Deli Meat Stadium

super bowl stadium made of deli meat

This one uses a stomach-turning amount of deli meat, and is huge. It almost wins.

11. ‘Snack Stadium’

But Snack Stadium is the ultimate football stadium made of food–50 kinds! all junk!–brought to you by Break.com in 2010.

10. Savannah High Apple Pie

paula deen apple pie

Full disclosure: This isn't expressly a super bowl dish. But Paula Deen's apple pie was one of the grossest things we saw while making this list, so here it is.

9. Bologna Cake

bologna cake

8. Bacon Explosion

bacon explosion
Surprisingly, this isn't the only cake made out of meat on this list.

We're still not sure exactly what it is, but we're scared.

7. Bacon and Cheese Super Bowl Eggs

Bacon Cheese Super bowl Eggs

Brown food dye and tons of processed ingredients later, you have a really gross version of deviled eggs, perfectly suited for your Super Bowl party!


6. Paula Deen's Fat Darrel Sandwich

fat darrel sandwich

This list wouldn't be complete without Paula Deen's french fry, fried chicken, and mozzarella stick-stuffed hoagie.

5. Football-Shaped Summer Sausage

football shaped sausage

We all understand that sausage is a processed meat, but Usinger's is really putting it in our face when they shape it like a sporting good.

4. Football Burgers or Meatloaffootball-meatloaf

Then there's these, which just. look. disgusting.

3. Football Bacon Cheese Ball

football bacon cheese ball

Bacon and cheese can be delicious, but this just looks like dog food.

2. Buzzfeed's 47-Layer Dip

47 layer dip super bowl


It went viral this week, but if you don't already know, Buzzfeed's 47-layer dip combines everything from tater tots to beans to Doritos to mangos and even Kraft mac & cheese.

1. Chicken Wing Cupcakes

chicken wing cupcakes

From the kitchen of Coccadotts Cake Shop in South Carolina, via ABC News, this chicken wing cupcake recipe (which calls for vanilla frosting, bleu cheese, tobasco, and, yes, real wings) takes the cake. No pun intended. We were just too nauseous to say anything else.