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6 Non-Beer Super Bowl Drinks That Still Go Great With All Your Snacks

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Getting ready to celebrate the Super Bowl shortly, but still not sure what to drink? Or maybe you're looking for just the right cocktails to make for the celebration — hopefully not defeat — party? Whether you dislike carbonation or simply aren't into the taste of it, here is a brief cocktail guide for those of you who are not particularly down with having a beer. While most people seem to serve it as the primary option for their Super Bowl drinks, it is by no means the only good accompaniment to all your delicious snacks and treats. Do not get me wrong — beer is fantastic! But sometimes, you or your guests just are not quite in the mood for a cold one.

Additionally, multiple ones of these cocktails are themed towards the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers, so your guests will certainly appreciate how deeply your team dedication runs. So pour and shake up one of the following Super Bowl drinks, then sit back and relax on the couch with your guests. Plus, you guys will feel slightly more civilized with your drink when you instinctively leap off the couch and yell at the television. It's a win-win (and hopefully third -win) for everyone!

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