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Sexist Super Bowl Commercials: A Decade’s Worth Of Bad Ads

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Kate Upton Carl Jr's Sexy Time

Screenshot of Kate Upton in Carl Junior's banned 2012 Super Bowl ad

A catalogue of sexist Super Bowl ads from 2002 to 2012. Bring on the gender stereotyping, superfluous girls in bikinis and celebrity women doing some heavy petting with salad and Pizza Hut poppers!

2012: On behalf of Teleflora, Adriana Lima tells guys ladies want flowers on Valentine's day (“it's not that complicated”) and in exchange they'll have sex with you.


2011: Kim Kardashian getting off alone, with salad.


2010: Megan Fox's half-naked body makes phone lines explode, gay couples fight and teen boys masturbate. Buy a cell phone.


2009: Bringing sexist stereotypes to the potato set.


2008: Women are stupid and foreigners are weird and funny!Via adland.tv


2007: Go Daddy.

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