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Before Beyonce & Taylor: Celebs Who Shilled Soda In Super Bowl Ads

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diet coke

“Just for the taste of it!”

Pepsi // 2004: Beyonce, Pink and Britney Spears look like they're about to play out some crazy gladiator chick/Hunger Games battle, but instead they start singing “We Will Rock You” and the whole Colosseum joins in. Ruler Enrigque Inglesias cooling sipping his Pepsi from on high does Not. Like. This. Then he's pursued by a lion while the ladies smile and drink Pepsi.

Diet Coke // 1990: It goes down easy, puts a smile on your face and makes the cool nights heaven, but there's just one reason Paula Abdul and Elton John drink Diet Coke.

Coca-Cola Classic // 1986: Jim McMahon –who at 53 has developed early-stage dementia and is part of the retired football players lawsuit against the NFL—stars in this ad with “Refrigerator” Perry. It advertises the difference between “Coca-Cola Classic” and Coke, which .. are apparently different things? Huh.

Pepsi, 2012: Switching allegiances, Elton John did a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial in 2012. He plays a king who ultimately has to spend time in a dungeon with Flava Flav because he won't let his subjects drink Pepsi. Is Pepsi's marketing department run by sadists? Why are rulers always denying their people Pepsi in Pepsi's Super Bowl ads? 

Pepsi, 1994: Michael Richards deprives Cindy Crawford of Pepsi for a month (surprise, surprise) … and she turns into Rodney Dangerfield. No wonder all the people want Pepsi so bad.Diet Pepsi, 1987: Michael J. Fox risks fire escapes, rain and thugs to get one of the Heathers a Diet Pepsi because “when you go all out for taste, the taste you go all out for is Diet Pepsi.” I really don't think Fox cared much about the Pepsi, though. I think he just wanted to bang this chick.


Coke, 1987: Pierce Brosnan is saved from ninjas by cans of Diet Coke.