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Summer Thirst Quencher: ‘The Petticoat’ Kombucha Cocktail

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Summer Thirst Quencher   The Petticoat  Kombucha Cocktail IMG 1580 640x960 jpgLast summer, some friends and I invented a cocktail we nicknamed ‘the Petticoat,’ which involved kombucha (a fermented probiotic tea) and St. Germain, an all-natural elderflower liqueur. It’s a great summer afternoon cocktail, when you want something cold, refreshing and only mildly alcoholic or sweet.

St. Germain is only 20% alcohol by volume, and because of the fermentation process, kombucha tea can contain trace amounts of alcohol. Bottled kombucha sold in stores is only supposed to contain .05% alcohol or under, but home-brewed kombucha can contain up to 2 or 3% alcohol, depending on how long it’s been fermenting.

If you need to kick it up a notch, try adding gin.

The Petticoat Kombucha Cocktail

1.5 oz St. Germaine
1/2 to 1 cup kombucha tea
1 teaspoon raw honey


Combine kombucha & St. Germaine, then stir in raw honey.

If that’s too light for you, try leaving out the honey and adding 1 oz gin and a sprig of rosemary.