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A Summer Peach Recipe For Every Occasion (Plus 10 Facts About Peaches)

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summer peaches

Look at these delectable sons of bitches.

Of course Summer is winding down just as I start to get used to and even sort of enjoy it. Not that I don't look forward to cozy sweaters and spicy ciders with all the enthusiasm my vacant heart can muster, but I really started to like breezy linen clothes and chilled soups and other summer fares. I haven't even been to the beach yet (there's no way in hell I'm going to the beach).

Some foods simply taste better when it's the season for them. Honestly, if I have to eat something pumpkin spice flavored and it's not autumn, it just won't feel right. Same goes for latkes when it's not Chanukah. It's wrong. Summer foods I can't enjoy the rest of the year include lobster rolls and certain refreshing fruits. I guess part of the whole fruit mishigas is that all fruits taste best when consumed during their proper season and are also better for the world, but there's also that emotional component.

I already wrote about my stalker-like devotion to eating watermelon all summer long, but another outrageously tasty seasonal fruit is the peach. O the peach, how I adore that delicate and fuzzy skin, the drippy meat, and that pit reminiscent of disgusting human scrotum.

Before I give you those delicious peach recipes for every occasion, take a bite out of these 10 peach facts:

  1. Fuzzy peaches are related to roses.
  2. Peach pits contain hydrocyanic acid which is poisonous.
  3. Peaches are most delicious from June through August.
  4. Allegedly it is called “the fruit of calmness” in Hungary.
  5. In China, they are allegedly considered good luck.
  6. There are over 700 varieties of peaches.
  7. Peaches were once called Persian Apples.
  8. California produces over half of US peaches, but Georgia is still the peach state.
  9. The fruit is a great source of vitamins A, B and C.
  10. Nectarines are just fuzz-less peaches.

Now that we all know way more about peaches than we ever thought we would, here is a summer peach recipe for every occasion:

If you make any of these, be a peach and send pictures.

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