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Sugar Is Turning You Into A Wrinkled Old Hag

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Sugar Is Turning You Into A Wrinkled Old Hag sugar skin 640x385 jpgYou can buy all the anti aging creams and lifting lotions money can buy, avoid the sun like a vampire and still end up with an aged old hag face one day.

The Daily Mail has been running a series about the affect of sugary sweets on your pretty face. The whole point of the series seems to be pushing a very specific Sugar Detox Diet, but this post entitled “Quit sugar and lose your wrinkles: In Part 2 of our DEFINITIVE series” is still rich with information about why sugar could be turning you into a withered old crone (as far as Daily Mail articles go).

Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Farris specializes in aging skin. When she noticed that a number of her patients seeking cosmetic procedures to turn back time “did not have the usual symptoms of sun damage” but still had skin that was “excessively wrinkled with a marked loss in elasticity.” Dr. Farris noticed that those non-sundamaged crones had something in common: their diet, which consisted of “poor nutrition and excessive sugar consumption.”

Dr. Farris explains that “research shows that a diet laced with sugar and refined carbohydrates can be more ageing for the skin than a lifetime of lying in the sun.”

Uh oh. This news is particularly disturbing for me, a darkness dwelling gremlin with a sweet tooth.

Experts in the field of Nutricosmetics, the study of how nutrition affects appearance, believe that the way our skin looks is tied to what we consume. The particular process linking sugar and premature aging is called “glycation” which is a chemical process that occurs when blood sugar spikes “excessively high.”

When you’re blood sugar is super high, here’s what goes down:

Sugar molecules then circulate in the blood and bind to other components to form substances known as protein-sugar complexes – also called advanced glycation end-products, or AGEs.

Oh it’s the AGEs–that name is somewhat suspicious, if you ask me.

These can be found in virtually all organ systems around the body – from the kidneys, brain and nervous tissue to the skin – and trigger an inflammatory response, causing tissue damage and premature ageing. 

Glycation actually is just a normal part of the “natural aging process that starts when you are in your mid-30s and increases with age,” but this information from the Nutricosmetic scientists implies that the speed of glycation is “directly related to your dietary intake of sugar.”

The molecules in your face that are meant to keep you looking young and taut are very vulnerable to sugar. Collagen and elastic are turned into AGEs and their “sofe supple fivres become more rigid” which leaves your face skin saggy and wrinkled. Basically, when you eat more sugar and refined carbohydrates, you are unleashing an army that will attack your collagen and elastin and destroy your pretty and youthful face.

Sugar isn’t just bad for your skin because it makes you age like hell, but a high sugar diet can also causes complexion defections like dryness, vulnerability to infection and acne exacerbation. The acne dilemma is triggered by sugar-high induced insulin production which “can set off a hormonal cascade that stimulates oil production and increases the proliferation of skin cells that can block pores – causing acne.”

Dr. Farris believes that putting down the sugary treats “is one of the best possible things you can do for your skin” and recommends you start to eat more apples and other foods containing “anti-glycating antioxidants–chemicals that fight the glycation process.”

The moral of the story is: sugar isn’t good for you. It’s not good for your body or for your face.

Via The Daily Mail//Image via Shutterstock