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Dear Subway, Fritos Are Not A Fresh Ingredient

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Dear Subway  Fritos Are Not A Fresh Ingredient fritos sandwich subway 640x367 pngSubway has attempted to brand itself as a healthy alternative to greasier fast food franchises or chains. Their initiative includes marketing projects that exhibit how their sandwiches can be a weight-loss tool and the franchise’s motto, “eat fresh.”

Despite their doubtlessly expensive undertaking, to the discerning eye and anyone with a nose who has walked by one of the many Subway locations, the chain’s offerings are not all that healthy. In their Super Bowl commercial (video below) last night, they continued their silly faux healthy charade while advertising a sandwich called the Fritos Chicken Enchilada which boasts Fritos as an ingredient and selling point.

The commercial features Olympians like Apollo Ohno and Michael Phelps getting very excited about the Fritos Chicken Enchilada sandwich. I’m sure elite athletes who train as a living, eating a sandwich with chips poured between the bread is no big deal calorically, but also not part of their regular diet. Celebrity endorsements are understandable, but it’s deliberately misleading and shady to have Olympians hawking their chip filled subs in a 30-second spot with their eat fresh motto tagged at the end. Without even going into a discussion of the quality and nutritional value of Subway’s ordinary ingredients, Fritos are not fresh and any sandwich peppered with them won’t be either. Fresh implies green and clean and healthy, not fried and packaged corn chips.

Personally, I take no issue with adding chips to sandwiches. People love to do that and I don’t care what they eat. It’s just troubling that Subway was dishonest in their commercial when they so easily could sell their Fritos Chicken Enchilada sammies without pretending that they sell healthy choices. During the Super Bowl, it’s totally okay to sell your giant unhealthy sandwiches without apology.