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WTF: Subway Employee Used Their Oven To Bake Socks

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subway socks

These aren't the socks in question.

Another day, another Subway location under fire for foul antics. This time, the sandwich mill with yoga mat enhanced bread comes with the aroma of wet socks. According to Gawker, a staff member of a U.K. Subway “dried her soaked socks and gloves in the store's oven.” The very same oven they use to bake food that they sell to customers.

The rascal of an employee, Alice Sykes, posted pictures of her disgusting sock shenanigans to twitter and instagram where Jessica Hinton, a regular customer of the Worcester shop, saw the images and complained to management for obvious reasons.

The disgruntled customer was offered free sandwiches, an apology, and (inexplicably) a job. In addition to those freebee sandwiches, Hinton received the following personal message from the Subway Sock Baker, which she considered “borderline harassment”:

I had a nine hour shift ahead of me and my boss didn't think it was fair I was soaking wet the entire shift. The entire oven was cleaned afterwards as well. I apologize for any offense this has caused you. It was a one off thing that thought wasn't put into. But we strive to have a clean store every single day. We have monthly inspections to prove that me and my boss are very sorry about the whole thing and we hope you accept the vouchers.

I completely understand why Hinton was not pleased with the reaction and attempts to explain the unhygienic happening. None of this should have happened. It's unfortunate that no one could come up with a better solution to wet socks than tossing them in the oven. Socks should never be present in an area where food is prepared, even if it is a “one off thing.” Socks are gross. Feet are gross, the only thing worse than socks are wet socks. Managers and staff should not be in collusion to explain away this sort of incident.

As of this post, Sykes is still employed, but that Subway location is under investigation from Subway corporate.

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