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Subway Plans To Remove A Bleaching Chemical From Their “Fresh” Bread

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Subway Plans To Remove A Bleaching Chemical From Their  Fresh  Bread subway bread 640x423 jpgSubway’s motto might be “eat fresh,” though maybe it should be “you’ve sort of been eating yoga mats.” According to the Associated Press the sandwich franchise has announced their plan to remove a chemical from its bread recipe*.

The chemical Subway is removing from US franchise breads is called Azodicarbonamide. It’s a bleaching agent that can also be found in yoga mats and shoe rubber. This motion seems to be in response to food blogger Vani Hari’s (of FoodBabe.com) petition requesting the sandwich chain stop using the chemical ingredient, though a rep for Subway claims that this “change was underway before the petition was launched.”Hari launched the petition against Subway because their use of this chemical contradicts the “healthy image it tries to project.” Thank goodness someone finally called them out and took them to task. Subway’s phony bologna posturing was getting tedious.

Even though I’m glad they’re doing something about this chemical laden bread situation, the way they’re going about it strikes me as a wee bit odd. If I represented Subway, I probably would have waited until after we removed the ingredient to say anything–if I was going to say anything at all. It’s pretty embarrassing for a company that has endorsement deals with Olympians to be like “sorry guys, we’re working on removing the chemicals from our bread. Eat fresh, though!” I’m shady though.

*The chemical is not used in bread at Subway locations overseas, just in the USA allegedly.

Via Huffington Post//Image via Shutterstock