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Wisconsin Lawmaker Says Divorce Is Wrong…Even In Cases Of Abuse

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Wisconsin Lawmaker Says Divorce Is Wrong Even In Cases Of Abuse divr jpgToday we have yet another man who is oh so sensitive and compassionate towards women.  Wisconsin legislator, Don Pridemore has made it known that he is against divorce under all circumstances—even when women are victims of spousal abuse. Stay married, he says and remember the good times. What’s worse, he blames women for the rising rates of divorce in this country and the increase in child abuse.

There’s been a huge change over the last 30 years, and a lot of that change has been the choice of the women.

Pridemore, the chairman of the House Children and Families Committee, is co-sponsoring a bill that would mandate the state Child Abuse Prevention Board conduct public awareness campaigns emphasizing that single parenthood is a leading cause of child abuse. In other words, being raised by a single mother could be considered living in an abusive situation, and because of that, women should not be so quick to seek a divorce under any circumstance–even in an abusive relationships. Instead, he wants women to know there are options other than divorce:

If they can refind those reasons and get back to why they got married in the first place it might help.

Pridemore went on to admit that in some circumstances a single woman can raise a child, however, it’s the father who tends to be the disciplinarian and without that role model “kids tend to go astray.”

Yeah, because women are so weak that we can’t be good disciplinarians and role models.

Thank goodness there is at least one man out there who is not totally irrational. Dr. Geoffrey Swain of the Milwaukee Health Department and professor at the UW-Madison told TMJ news that surrounding a child with an unhealthy marriage can lead to not only abuse, but depression and anxiety.

To the contrary one of the risk factors for child abuse and neglect is poor quality of marriage. Marriage actually has nothing to do with it, it’s the quality of the relationship that matters in terms of the child’s health.

So yes, let’s not single out women and blame them for enormous divorce and child abuse rates, shall we Republican Pridemore? Instead, how about looking at both men and women? And how about tackling the real issues behind child abuse? Forcing women to remain in an unhealthy marriage is not going to reduce child abuse rates. And it’s definitely not good for the woman and the child’s mental or physical health–and even the man’s.

Tell us what you think of Pridemore’s bill and his stance on divorce.

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