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Calm Down, Stress Is Ruining Sex For You

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sex stress 30 rockRaise your hand if stress turns you on. No one?

Hey worrywarts, if you calm down about how much sex you aren't having, you might end up having more sex. New research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (the only kind of medicine worth caring about) is suggesting what everyone on Earth already knew: stress is bad for your sex life.

The ground breaking study went like so:

 The study divided a sample of women into two groups — a high-stress group and an average-stress group — then measured their levels of arousal while they watched an erotic video. The women in the high-stress group showed lower levels of genital arousal, higher levels of distraction, and higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which researchers hypothesize contributed to decreased physical arousal.

NBC News spoke with sexpert Joan Price, the creator of NakedAtOurAge.com and author of Naked At Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex, to get tips on how to overcome worry and get your groove back. According to Price, the best way to get back in business is to get to business, “Orgasm is an amazing natural stress reliever. Whether it's with a partner or by yourself with a toy, having sex will give you a physiological release that will make you feel better.” That makes sense and while sex is one of the more awesome cures for anything, this kind of thing is reminiscent of old time remedies for hysteria. A good roll in the hay might make you feel better, but it also might not. There could be bigger issues going on than your dry-spell.

Price left NBC with some tips for those who are trying to get out of a rut:

Exercise– Everyone knows that workouts are great for stress relief, but hitting the gym is also great when you're trying to hit it. The increase in blood flow doesn't exclude your bathing suit area. Working on your fitness might just help you work it in the bedroom.

Rub downs- Human touch is apparently great for mollifying tension and anxiety (not for everyone). A massage will lower your stress levels in an intimate way that connects you to your partner.

Pencil it in- That's right, schedule your intercourse. Planning out a sex date may not sound like a passionate and sexy move, but it might help. Price the Sexpert says that setting a time and day for a session in the sack can help you get in the mood by getting your mind and body on the same page. Anyway, what's more appealing to a stressed out person than an organized calendar?

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