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10 (Strangely?) Controversial Things I Believe About Sex, Drugs & Health

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Also controversial: Koalas are the best wild animals.

In the course of my past two years covering health and wellness issues for Blisstree, I’ve often been surprised by what draws vitriol and what doesn’t. Time and again—be it with my own or my co-writers’ posts—the ones I fear may stir anger never do; and those I’d never have suspected provoke intense scorn.

In reflecting on this, I started putting together a list of personal beliefs I’ve found puzzlingly “hot-button.” I call them “personal beliefs” because that is of course what they are; but it doesn’t mean they’re not informed beliefs—informed by anecdotes, my own experience and (in cases where its relevant) plenty of scientific research.

In no particular order, here are 10 apparently controversial sex, drugs and health beliefs I hold dear.

1. In medicine or culture, there’s no inherent value in what’s “natural” over what’s not.

2. Adult ADHD is real.

3. Pulling out works as a form of birth control.

4. Antidepressants are life-saving and brilliant.

5. Whole grains and legumes are not the enemy.

6. Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented.

7. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

8. You can be a feminist and like rough, “demeaning” sex without any cognitive dissonance.

9. “A calorie is a calorie” and “everything in moderation” are terrible ways to approach healthy eating.

10. Neuroscience is the anti evolutionary-psychology. Neuroscience will probably save us all.

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