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Storyhour For Babies At The Library

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Gathering on mini carpets (welcome mats) in a semi circle, young ones gather around one person that reads to them stories about puppies, Santa or maybe even Clifford.

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 They look at the colorful pictures and oooh and ahh as each page is turned, some will be handed a book to grab and turn the pages, others will simply stare. There is one thing each little one has in common with one another, they are all under the age of 2 years old.

What? Babies in story hour? Yes, more and more libraries are recognizing that babies love to be read to and it also teaches them more about handling books, so they are starting programs for little babies. Now not all libaries will have it but many around the country do, all you have to do is ask. Who knows they could be meeting once a week and you’ve been missing out.

Here is some information on the baby program, “Library S.T.A.R”:

Library S.T.A.R. (Sure They Are Ready) is a training program designed for library professionals, but equally valuable for any organization whose work involves children 0-5, and their parents/caregivers.

For those that don’t know what to ask, call down and just ask if there is a “Baby Storytime.”  My local library has one for babies 9-18 months old they read short stories, sing nursery rhymes and finger puppets to delight the children. Others open their doors to babies as young as newborn to 24 months old and include music and smells. Either way this is a great experience for mom and babies, babies because it is teaching them young and moms because it gets mom to interact with others like herself.