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Stork On Wheels: The Sperm Bullitt, Bringing Danish Women Babies

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Stork On Wheels  The Sperm Bullitt  Bringing Danish Women Babies spermbike1 490x335 jpg
If you saw a man riding this bike around town, you might think he was trying to pick up ‘da laydeez (or at the very least, bragging about his virility), but you’d be wrong. That man would be a sperm bank employee, and he’s helping cut down on CO2 emissions while populating the earth. Forget the Batmobile, this superhero is riding his trusty Sperm Bullitt (I just hope his bullitt doesn’t get in my eye … Ha! Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Nordisk Cryobank, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is one of the biggest sperm banks in Europe , and was looking for environmentally-friendly ways to transport their sperm samples to the fertility clinics around the city. So, with tongue firmly in cheek, they fashioned this bike with a cooling system built into it, and made sure the bike was flashy enough to attract future donors at the clinic. The bike is painted with website information, and if these photos are any indication, the people who ride them around town have a hard time keeping a straight face (can you blame ’em?), so naturally, it will get people talking.

The Sperm Bullit is 2.9 meters long and is full of spunk (pun intended), so much so that even the CEO of the sperm bank Peter Bower has been known to ride the bike around the city himself. His job sounds so hard (pun unintended).

The eco-friendly Sperm Bullitt sure is a nifty device I’d like to see in my city, but I have to wonder how they keep it so clean? Kleenex, surely.

Stork On Wheels  The Sperm Bullitt  Bringing Danish Women Babies spermbike2 490x388 jpg

(Photos: Copenhagenize.com)