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Around the World In 20 Stews: A Roundup Of International Stew Recipes

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According to Wikipedia, a stew is “a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy. Sounds simple enough. But while all stews may be based on the same general concept, they vary greatly when it comes to execution in different parts of the world. It's interesting to see how regional produce and ingredients influence these recipes, even when basics — beans, tomato, lamb, fish — remain the same. From meat-heavy Latin American stews to spicy Mediterranean dishes and rich, savory European affairs, here are tK recipes for hearty winter stews from cuisines around the globe.

1. Mediterranean Vegetable Stew // Vegetarian & Vegan

A one-pot meal that's “like having a Greek salad in stew form!” writes nutritionist & blogger Leanne Vogel. GET THE RECIPE, via Healthful Pursuit


2. Iranian Lamb & Bean Stew (Ghorme Sabzi)

Dried limes, green onions and garlic chives are among the herbs and veggies that accompany the lamb and kidney beans in this Iranian dish. GET THE RECIPE, via Iranian Recipes


3. Malaysian Spicy Yellow Lentil Stew (Toovar Dal) // Vegetarian & Vegan

In Malaysia and Singapore, dal refers to a spicy stew made of yellow lentils and usually served alongside bread. Mustard seeds are among the things that differentiate this dish from Indian dal. GET THE RECIPE, via Diva Flava

4. Finnish Double Pea Stew with Apples // Vegetarian & Vegan

Vinegar, mustard and nutmeg combat the sweetness of the apples in this Finnish stew. GET THE RECIPE, via the taste space


5. Indian Saffron Mussel Stew

A creamy, Indian-inspired dish from Modern Spice cookbook author Monica Bhide. GET THE RECIPE, via Leite's Culinaria


6. Swedish “Sausage” Stew // Vegetarian

Made with soy sausage, root vegetables, tomatoes and lots of spices. GET THE RECIPE, via Scandinavian Femme


7. Persian Pomegranate Walnut Chicken Stew (Khoresht Fesenjan)

“Warm fesenjan over a mound of fragrant saffron rice pilaf is a thing of beauty,” writes recipe blogger Leela of She Simmers. GET THE RECIPE, via She Simmers

fesenjaan cover

8. French Beef Stew with Red Wine

Classic. GET THE RECIPE, via Key Ingredient

french stew

9. German Lentil Stew with Spaetzle

Beef broth and German speck accompany the lentils, “soup greenery” and dried Spaetzle in this stew recipe. GET THE RECIPE, via MyBestGermanRecipes.com

German stew

10. Georgian Kidney Bean Stew with Herbs & Walnuts (Lobio Nigvzit)

A traditional — and vegan — Eastern European stew with kidney beans, carrots, nuts, herbs and red wine vinegar. GET THE RECIPE, via The Washington Post

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