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Stephen Colbert’s Super Bowl Drilldown: Gatorade, Wings, And Brain Damage

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stephen colbert super bowl
Stephen Colbert waxed poetic about this year's Super Bowl last night, and made light of nearly everything we hate about the event. Mainly: The notoriously unhealthy food–including flame-retardant-laced Gatorade and the outcry over this year's chicken wing shortage that basically points to everything that's wrong with factory farming–and the brain damage (just leave it to Colbert to make that funny).

The only thing he didn't include were the terrible GoDaddy commercials (and other sexist ads) that are literally going viral pre-game right now…but his jokes about chicken wing prices and production are so good, we'll let that slide.

Even if you love football, you'll enjoy the Stephen Colbert Super Bowl take down. Watch and laugh before you go get ready for Super Bowl Sunday this weekend: