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Steampunk style

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Make Art Monday

A Stitch in Time,
using beads and cabochons from Earthenwood Studios
(see below)

Some folks say that Steampunk is dead, but I don't agree, and neither do many of you! I've received requests for more more more of this funky style that combines Victorian sensibilities with steampowered technology. Steampunk merges the two into an alternative future where steampower still reigns. I love the look, because it allows me to combine many of the elements that I love the most into a form that stops short of being completely masculine. Not that steampunk can't be masculine, but not usually in my hands!

Here are some pieces that I've made this year:

Time to Run

A Stitch in Time (which will be in an upcoming issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry!)

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Supplies for making your own:

Earthenwood Studios

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