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Staying Thrifty on Tuesday

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Hmm. I was about to write a thrifty tip and realized that it is Tuesday. Obviously, for someone with an addiction to word sounds, this can only mean one thing – Thrifty Tip Tuesday has been born. Oh, boy! A brand new idea. I'm so excited…and so were the other million and three thrifty bloggers who came up with it a year or so before me. So, I'm still having myself a thrifty Tuesday, but without the catchy blog post title!

A lot of other bloggers have some thrifty advice to share today. Check out a few of these great tips from around the Lifestyles channel and beyond.

For this first one, please put down your hot coffee before reading. I don't want to be responsible for any spitting coffee all over the monitor incidents. Thrifty Mommy warns us to watch those sudden water bill increases.

Centsible Mommy has a great tip on making your own broth that is perfect for today's chilly weather. We had our first snow flakes this morning!

Marye from Baking Delights has a way for you to enjoy those Starbucks pastries without the price tag with her copycat Raspberry Thumbprint Scone recipe.

Coupon Clippin Mama B discusses the thrifty art of making Christmas gifts. She has ten great ideas for DIY gifts that will help you build the pile under the tree without shrinking your bottom line.

Eliza at BabyLune is keeping track of good diaper deals. I got a few packs during the great Walgreen's sale a few weeks ago, but we only need "safety diapers" for nighttime, as all of the little guys are potty trained. If you need to stock up, you'll love her deal roundup.

Sherry from Inside Motherhood gives us a hamburger helper type recipe from scratch. Sounds good!

Want to see a good DVD? She Knows Coupons comes to the rescue with a ton of Red Box codes. I'd use them, but I'm afraid I won't get them back in time. We rarely watch a movie in 24 hours or less.

Tree Hugging Family encourages us to really save money with Buy Nothing Day tips. Jennifer is hoping we learn to think before making purchases, which will help the environment and our checkbook balances.

So, do you have a great thrifty tip to share on this chilly Tuesday?

photo by Lynne Lancaster