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16 Reasons Why Staying In Is So Much Better Than Going Out

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Hey, girl, you know that hot, sweaty club? And that loud over priced bar that's a $20 Lyft ride away? Don't go. Staying in is 1000 times better. Sure, it's easy to get swept up in the fun of getting all dressed up and sexy with the hopes of dancing, meeting a cute guy, and getting a bit drunk to blow off some steam. But does it ever really turn out like that? The sad reality is more like you blow all of your money on a night you hardly remember, meet a couple of douchebags, and lose your shoes.

The novelty of going out wears off gradually every year after you turn 21. Every single time you go out, it is all the same and it doesn't get any more fun. Before you know it, you're one of the older people at the bar and it finally hits you:

It is so much better to stay in than it is to go out. The benefits to staying in are endless, whereas the benefits of drinking are almost none. The hassle of going out simply isn't worth it after a certain point. Stay in, and home, for some low-key fun and relaxation.

Keep reading to see the best reasons why staying in should be your new Friday night go-to:

1. You'll Save Money


Over priced shots and fruity fun drinks for $15 a pop? Hard pass. You could probably pay your rent with all the money you blow on booze every month. Hitting up the liquor store on your way home for some vino is way more economical. You can get like a whole box of wine for $10. You can't beat those prices.