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Soon You’ll Be Able To Get Drunk On Wine At Starbucks

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starbucks wine and beerWhen you hear the word “Starbucks,” your first associations probably include coffee drinks, corporation, white people, and Seattle. But  ecause of some big changes happening, soon you'll be thinking more along the lines of “wine, beer, and getting tipsyyyy.” Bottoms up!

Hope you like to order booze in sizes tall, grande and venti because the famous and pervasive coffee shop is planning to sell wine and beer in their cafes. That's right, in an effort to make more sales during off hours, Starbucks will be more like Barbucks (SORRY) in the evening times. Does this mean people are going to be getting drunk while working on laptops and munching on cake-pops and whatever other weird snacks they sell there?

According to the New York Daily News, it was 2010 when the first of around 26 of the approximately billion Starbucks locations started selling vino and cold brews. I guess that was working out for them because their plan to expand sounds pretty lofty. By the end of this year, if all goes according to plan, there should be 40 Starbucks cafes  selling wine and beer along with Norah Jones CDs and hideous thermoses. Their master plan is to convert “thousands of select stores” into nighttime wine bars.


Story via NY Daily News// Image via nui7711 / Shutterstock.com