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Starbucks’ Convenient New Order-Ahead App Is Like Seamless For Your Coffee

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Starbucks' New App Allows Ordering From Your PhoneAfter taking my first ride through a Dunkin Donuts' drive-through, I wasn't sure ordering coffee could get any easer. But Starbucks' new mobile payment app will soon feature an order-ahead feature, essentially giving caffeine addicts their own personal Seamless for coffee!

Hey Starbucks, way to be up on the trends!  It seems that everything is going mobile these days—from Uber, the car service that is way more convenient than a taxi, to food delivery like Seamless, to apps that can give you a stress test while you text on the toilet. Soon, I'm hoping there will be some kind of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feature where we can just reach through our smartphones and iPads and grab a Venti Blonde Roast, no problem. A girl can dream, right?

Already, about 14 percent of Starbucks' sales in the U.S. are made through its phone application, and this system will probably cause that number to skyrocket. Individuals will be able to simply place and pay for orders in advance, then pick up their java, breakfast or granola without waiting in pesky lines or waiting for the barista to butcher their name.

Starbucks hopes this will make already loyal customers even more die-hard coffee fiends due to the convenience factor, and soon the app could also store customer information for payment, loyalty points and more.

In the meantime, Starbucks will be experimenting with recipes in its Seattle test kitchen to develop espresso and caffeinated beverages that have a slightly longer shelf life. When it comes to freshness, every minute matters—and if you have a bad habit of being late, like myself, you could be sipping something not so hot.

Embracing technology isn't new for the Mermaid brand. Earlier last month, they announced charging stations would become available at several locations, and the new Starbucks at Disney has touch-screens for ordering, browsing the menu and discovering new products.

Part of me is wondering if this is just another excuse for Starbucks to jack up their prices and make $8 coffee perfectly acceptable (Disclaimer: It's not). But another part of me is like, “Seamless for coffee, that's awesome!”

It's gotta be only a matter of time until Starbucks will start delivering!