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Why I’m Really Glad Starbucks Is Making This Big Change

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calories in Starbucks coffee


Hey, good news! Starbucks is rolling out changes that do not involve a gargantuan new size or too much caffeine. Starting June 25, Starbucks Co. will begin putting their calorie counts on the menus so customers can see the caloric information for each beverage and food item. The decision is arriving right as the Food and Drug Administration is attempting to get companies with more than 20 locations to put their food's calorie content on the menus.

In many parts of the country, like New York City, showing calorie counts is standard — and for plenty of people, they really work. I remember in college, the first time I saw an In N Out menu with the caloric information on it, I wound up getting half the food I was planning on; up until that point, I just hadn't thought that much about it. Realizing that I had been about to eat something like 1,500 calories in one meal positively floored me.

To be honest, I'm so glad I was made more aware because I was (A) more easily equipped with information on what I was consuming and (B) reminded to actually think about the content of it. After all, how many people actually ask for the nutritional information when they get fast food from their car or when they're on the run?

Photo: MyLifeStory / Flickr