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Starbucks $7 Coffee: Healthier Than Their Holiday Drinks (But Not For Your Wallet)

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starbucks $7 cup of coffee
Starbucks is routinely critiqued for its high prices, but it won't stop them from putting a $7 cup of coffee on the menu. The coffee in question is Starbucks' Costa Rica Finca Palmilera, made from rare Geisha coffee beans, which will be the most expensive coffee ever sold at Starbucks (the $7 price tag is for a grande-sized cup).

While the merits are best left debated by coffee connoisseurs, the rest of us can certainly try. Jimmy Kimmel asked some random strangers to do a blind tasting of Starbucks new $7 coffee vs. the regular stuff–but put the exact same brew of regular Starbucks coffee into both cups. The resulting video doesn't prove whether $7 coffee is worth it, but it is pretty hilarious:

The coffee is made of rare Geisha coffee beans grown in Panama, which are prized for being incredibly aromatic and floral in taste…but costs an incredible amount more than your average beans. (If you want a detailed explanation of how they're cultivated, and why they're so rare–and expensive–check out Rowan Jacobsen‘s American Terroir; even if you're not a coffee drinker, you'll get some really fascinating tidbits about how specialty foods are produced, and why it might be worth paying so much for specialty ingredients like Geisha coffee beans.)

But even if you're not that committed in the backstory, developing an addiction to a $7 cup of Starbucks coffee is probably healthier than getting addicted to their $4 and $5 holiday drinks; those are loaded with sugar and fat, not rare or specialty ingredients, and will run you a scary number of calories and grams of sugar. The Geisha coffee, on the other hand, is brewed on its own, without any added syrups, milks, or mystery flavors. Healthier than their holiday drinks; not for your wallet.

Photo: flickr user jeffwilcox